Attachment points & volume

With Klixer you can bring consistency and setting the volume. By weaving the hair, the volume that you get it takes much longer than with a normal backcombed or than a backcombed with product. In addition, Klixer can also be used to create zones of attachment to the hair by reducing the number of hairpins.

1. The steps to create a lasting volume are:

• Select a lock.
• Backcomb the lock base selected.
• Keeping the locks tight and apply Klixer with circular movements. Do it in a similar way as when you draw with a marker.

Depending on the hair or the amount of volume you want to achieve, be selected more or less locks using the steps outlined above.

To eliminate the effects of interlacing, brushing the hair prior to washing.

2. To apply attachment areas or points simply focus Klixer at the point or the desired.

The effects will be greater the longer apply Klixer tip in action. However, prolonged application can create strong unwanted knots. It is therefore appropriate to apply Klixer in short periods and go check their effects as they work.

Klixer tip should not be applied directly to the skin or scalp, as this could cause injury.