What is Klixer®

Klixer ® is a power device that weaves the hair by a hook tip, which prints an electric motor rapid reciprocating motion.

With Klixer ® you can get volume, tease, apply attachment points and get many different finished looks.

You can work and get a hairstyle with the hair thoroughly clean and hydrated without using clips or hairpins to hold it. Or you can combine all the techniques and apply clips and products to define a bright finish. The choice is yours.

Klixer ® was originally designed as a mechanized system to improve the way to work over dreadlocks. And he does very well, with spectacular results from the first moment, without chemicals or excessive product. You can see our system and results in the section Dreadlocks.

While developing the tool, we saw that had a much wider possibilities, and could become an extension to the creativity of professional hairdressers.