Klixer® PRO

Klixer® PRO
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The Kit comprises:

  1. The Klixer® device. Its ergonomic design enables a variety of grip styles so that you can work comfortably and quickly. Klixer® is a compact tool (130 x 50 x40 mm) that has a contoured shape that adapts to hands of all sizes. Weighing only 210 grammes it can be used by anyone for long periods of time without growing tired.
  2. set of three replacement Klixer® needles, apart from the one that comes mounted in the device. The Klixer® needle has beeen designed and manufactured to withstand hours and hours of work without suffering from wear or reduced performance. If, for whatever reason, it becomes damaged, it is easy to replace. If necessary, you can buy new replacement needles from our online shop.
  3. An instruction manual with all the information you need to start using Klixer® straightaway, safely and quickly.