The first professional hairdresser device for interweaving hair

Klixer® can interweave the hair to get more volume, a long lasting beehive or an updo without the need of hairpins. It can also create and mantain natural dreadlocks without using damaging chemical products.

Natural fastening without hairgrips

Klixer® creates more natural fastening points by knitting the hair together. With this technique you can get spectacular updoes without the need of hairpins, hairgrips or lacquer.

Natural dreadlocks in a record time

With a simple technique, Klixer knits the hair to get natural dreads in a few hours without damaging the hair with abrasive products. Dreadlocks that can be undone later without having to cut the hair.

Natural volume, more durable and consistent

Klixer fixes the carded hair, interweaving it  to get a natural volume, consistent and durable, while easy to remove with a gentle brushing.

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